Our Philosophy

Over the past few decades, recruiters and researchers at TRN have worked with some of the best professionals in the industry.

These highly valued candidates work with TRN on a regular and ongoing basis, following up when they make a job change or get promoted. The employees at TRN take a consulting approach to candidate management offering solid industry advice and a big picture perspective to the employment issues and obstacles that many people face in today`s fast-paced work environment.

This contact level of relationship building on the candidate side separates TRN from most recruiting firms. When it is time to close on the important deal, recruiters at TRN understand both the candidate’s and employers‘ needs clearly so there are never surprises on either end of the negotiation.

The TRN Advantage

A solution to difficult searches is provided by the experienced staff at TRN. Unlike traditional searches in Healthcare, the fields of Nurse recruitment is misunderstood by most recruiters leading to less effective screening, candidate selection and ultimately costing candidates and clients valued time. At TRN we spend time asking important questions, specific to the disciplines within nurse recruitment, of our clients first (understanding specific job needs, skill sets and cultural fit is critical to a successful search) and then measure candidate’s qualifications against clients needs in order to come up with a shortlist of best-fit candidates. We are open-minded and responsive, fine-tuning the search as we go until the perfect candidate is found.

Social Media Search:

TRN as an organization uses the top social media platforms & candidate search programs for the industry.

The Internet and “hyper access” that has been available to both candidates and clients has brought both benefits and drawbacks to recruiting. Great candidates are more visible to recruiters and HR professionals but the techniques to actually bring a quality candidate through the final interview and the offer stage have become much more challenging.

The staff at TRN is experienced in online recruiting (social media and digital campaigns) and this medium is one of the many tools we use in a successful search. In order to effectively recruit an online candidate, much greater follow-up and contact are needed as the best candidates are being contacted daily by other HR professionals and recruiters.

We have found that referrals from online candidates turn into more placements for our clients.

This process takes more time and diligence on our part but this is part of the service that distinguishes TRN from other search firms.

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