Monte George - Principle - Bio.

The President of TRN, Monte George has worked in the Healthcare industry for over 25 years.

Monte was promoted aggressively (six times in eight years) cross-training from sales to marketing and ultimately responsible for the marketing plan in the successful national rollout of Sunchips, a very rare, 100 million dollar, first-year brand. Monte was recruited successfully three times over the next five years at Anheuser Busch as a Division Manager and Vice President, Mancini Groesbeck as a Vice President overseeing the grocery department. Monte finished his career on the supplier side of the industry at Mott`s USA as a Regional Director in the beverage division with responsibility for the west coast.

Monte began his recruiting career in 1997. After learning the basic skills of recruiting and research, working under a mentor for two years, he completed his master’s training and started his own agency, TRN in 1999. There he spent the next five years leading his team recruiting sales and marketing professionals in the beverage and alcohol beverage industries. Monte changed the direction of TRN to include a focus on Category Management in the year 2004. By focusing on this emerging niche, TRN concentrated on a broader client mix with greater candidate marketing penetration.

Monte George's Accolades

  • In 2007, Healthcare was reviewed and by 2009 added to TRN`s portfolio and quickly evolved into a strong focus.
  • Allied Healthcare recruiting is now the primary focus for the organization.
  • In May 2013 TRN launched a Virtual Network of Healthcare recruiters with offices across the United States.
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